Karl Bollers

Karl Bollers is known for his work on Marvel’s “Emma Frost”, “What If?”, “Muties”, and  “X-51: Machine Man” as well as Archie’s “Sonic The Hedgehog”. Karl wrote the first 5 chapters, and co-wrote the 9th chapter of  “Watson and Holmes”(V1 and V2) . Karl has also worked as an editor for Valiant and Bad Idea comics.

Brandon Easton

       Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Brandon attended Ithaca College and then earned his MFA in Screenwriting at Boston University. After teaching U.S. History and Economics in NYC public schools, Brandon relocated to Los Angeles and broke into the TV writing scene with the Warner Bros. Animation 2011 reboot of “THUNDERCATS” followed by “TRANSFORMERS: RESCUE BOTS”. His original graphic novel “SHADOWLAW” won the 2013 Glyph Award for Best Writer. Won five 2014 Glyph Awards and also nominated for an Eisner Award for the African-American inspired “WATSON AND HOLMES ” graphic novel.                                       

      An alumnus of the 2015 Disney/ABC Writing Program, Brandon wrote on season two of “MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER” and was commissioned to adapt the Japanese horror franchise “VAMPIRE HUNTER D” into a TV series. He has written on a variety of recently released and upcoming graphic novels including  “JUDGE DREDD: FALSE WITNESS”, “MARVEL ACTION SPIDER-MAN”, “TRANSFORMERS: GALAXIES” as well as the hit Netflix TV series “TRANSFORMERS – WAR FOR CYBERTRON: SIEGE”. Brandon is currently the writer of “MISTER MIRACLE: THE SOURCE OF FREEDOM” from DC Comics and on the writing team at Blizzard Entertainment. In June 2020, Brandon made history by being the first Westerner to have written a domestic Chinese screenplay ” KILLING BETA” and pass through their SARFT censorship board.