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N.Steven Harris is a 2 time Eisner Nominated (Watson and Holmes V2) , 4 time Glyph Award winner (Watson and Holmes V2, Ajala: A Series of Adventures ,) and recently, a VLA (Virginia Library Association) Graphic Novel Diversity Award (Watson and Holmes V2).

N.Steven Harris also co-created the 2 time Glyph Award winning book, for Best Female Character, Ajala: A Series of Adventures, along with writer Robert Garrett .

N. Steven Harris has had a career spanning over 20 years in the comic book industry. His highlights include DC Comic’s Aztek: The Ultimate Man, a character which he co-created along with Grant Morrison and Mark Millar, for DC Comics. His credits also include Batman: Officer Down, (DC Comics), Generation X, X-Force, and Deadpool Annual ’98 (Marvel Entertainment). Within the last 5 years he has worked on titles such as Voltron, New Money and Solarman . Mr. Harris’s most recent publication is DC/Wildstorms Michael Cray and Represent: In Defense of Free Speech, published by DC Comics as well.

He was a guest to the American Embassy in Algiers, Algeria, along with 15 other artists to participate in FIBDA ( Festival In- ternational de la Bande Dessinée d’Alger) or The International Festival of Comics in the fall of 2019. In early 2020 he was on the stage of the World Famous Apollo Theater participating on panel discussing what it takes to be a freelance illustrator in the comic book industry. The very first of it’s kind at the Apollo Theater. Mr. Harris has also participated in gallery shows showcasing comic book art in New York, Philadelphia, Georgia, Chicago, California, and Japan.

Currently, Mr. Harris is working on 2 books published by independent publishers, called Indigo Clan and Octobriana

Photo By: Jason Steers

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